The Savage Hills - Abhay Sapru

The Savage Hills

The Pir Panjal Range in Kashmir Mountains stacked on the mountain with the raging Chenab river meandering through. Daunting snow-clad summits, remote valleys and isolated hamlets, peopled by Muslims, Hindus and the migratory Gujjar tribesmen. The centuries-old peace between the two communities is about to be ravaged. Militancy has reared its ugly head and blood will be spilt; brother will fight brother.

As the hills start burning with Pakistan-backed terror, there is vendetta being played out, with death and mayhem unleashed in its wake. Sucked into this vortex of violence and vengeance are Harry and his SF troop. Along the way, some foreign trekkers are abducted by an unknown militant group called the Al-Faran. Unbeknownst to all the dramatis-personae involved, their paths will converge violently with dire consequences for some.

Another fascinating novel by Abhay Narayan Sapru, a third by him, that takes you through the challenges, tribulations, sweat, blood and gore of militancy and counter-insurgency in Kashmir. His characteristic inimitable style will keep you engrossed through to the last page of this narrative based on realities.

Lt. Gen Prakash Katoch (Retired)

A fascinating story written in superb language! It will not allow you to put down the book till it is finished. Having operated in counter-militancy operations along the Shamsabari Range and on either side of Pirpanjal Range in Jammu & Kashmir, I find the description of the terrain, locales and combat activities as authentic as can be. Only a Special Forces officer can go into such details.

Gen. VP Malik (Former Chief of Army Staff)
Abhay Sapru - Author of 3 books - Savage Hills, Beckoning Isle and In the valley of Shadows

About the author

Abhay Narayan Sapru graduated from Delhi University and subsequently joined the prestigious Indian Military Academy. Commissioned in 1988, he volunteered for the elite Special Forces. During his decade-long stint with the Indian Army, he served extensively in almost all the insurgency-ridden areas in the subcontinent – Sri Lanka, Kashmir and the North-East of India. He is a recipient of the Sena Medal awarded for gallantry in operations in Sri Lanka, and the Army Chief’s Commendation Card.

He is now settled in Mumbai and works for a private Bank. Besides writing, he has a keen interest in distance running, trekking and sketching.

He is a published author of two best selling combat novels (The Valley of Shadows & The Beckoning Isle). The third book in the Trilogy (The Savage Hills), is slated for launch in July 2021.

He has been honoured with the “Literary Excellence Award” in Feb 2019.

What people say about his penmanship

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